The Horowhenua Taste Trail team are looking for a passionate, local, foodie, who is keen to help with capturing content for the 2022 event, taking place on Saturday 26 November 2022. 

We want someone who answers yes to one of the following questions…

  1. Do you have an eye for spotting awesome or beautiful moments in everyday life?
  2. Have you thought about or are thinking about starting a career in Photography & Social Media? 
  3. Do you have a DSLR and Lightroom and want a stepping stone towards a career in capturing amazing content for people/businesses? 
  4. Are you from the Horowhenua and like the idea of having a career in capturing amazing content for businesses to use on their websites and social media?
  5. Do you have a camera and would love a crash course in how to shoot events?
  6. Is your phone at capacity coz you can’t help but snap awesome memories everywhere you go?

If this sounds like you we would love to hear from you!

Our Apprentice will…

  • Get to be apart of the Social Media team leading up to the event and get a behind the scenes look at how an event like this is run and find out how to shoot for events like Taste Trail. 
  • Work with the amazing team from Get Content who will be your team leaders leading up to and on the day showing you what we need to capture and giving you tips and tricks on how to do this best.
  • On Saturday the 26th of November Work as apart of the social media team on the day to capture the event and showcase the event to the world! You will have a list of tasks to complete and you will get to be part of the wider team capturing the event.  
  • You will need to come into the Get Content office with your laptop post the event and get a crash course of how to edit, export and upload your photos from the trail.

What do they get in return?

  • This is a paid role and you will be paid the living wage for your time. 
  • We expect it to be around 10-15 hours. 
  • A reference for your time and effort with the event and a gallery of photos you will be able to use in your repertoire.
  • Chance to be a part of an awesome and tasty event and build relationships with people who are already in the industry.
  • Some yummy food!

Must haves:

  • A positive can do attitude
  • passion for photography social media and a willingness to learn
  • DSLR camera, Editing equipment and phone that has the ability to take photos


Actual Work Plan

Below is the actual work you will carry out in the apprenticeship role.


Complete induction:
Read through Volunteer Policy
Read through Health and Safety Plan
Sit in on a Marketing meeting to gain an understanding of how the team works and what is organised. 
Look over website, Facebook, Instagram.
Read over Task list and gain an understanding of entire event plan 
Read through the Communication and Marketing Plan 
Go through Producers Social Media accounts and websites and gain an understanding of our producers
Photograph key/beautiful moments on the day of the event
Come into the Get Content office the week after the event for a run down on how a professional studio offloads their high resolution files, learn about backing up and then get a run down on the editing process.

Project: Social Media


Facebook/ Instagram pages
Get to learn about how the social media side of a project like this works
Advice on how you set up on brand social content

Be responsible for capturing images on the day with, people eating, each plate of food on the five main sites, cafe set up and snippets of video which could be used for content on social media on the day and for future use.